With Airtable integration, it allows images to be generated from data pulled from Airtable. Generated images are automatically populated back into Airtable.


  • Airtable's Base ID

  • Airtable's Table name

  • Airtable's API Key

You can get base ID for your airtable project by going to their documentation site

1. Set up your project with Airtable API Key

Go to project's setting page and paste your Airtable API Key.

2. Create Airtable integration action

Go to your project and go to the Console page for the template that you would like to generate the image.

Then, create New Action.

3. Map the column in Airtable to your template

Fill in the requested information in Step 1 and Step 2. You need Airtable's Base ID and Table name to complete this step.

Then, match the column name in your Airtable table to your template.

For image modification, we support Airtable's field for URL, Text and Attachments. For multiple attachments, the first attachment will be used as the source of the image. We only support mime types image/jpeg and image/png.

4. Set the output column

Fill in the column name in Airtable that will be populated with your image. This column must be of type Attachment.

Save your changes when you're done.

The type of the column must be Attachment.

Both PNG and JPEG images will be attached to the column.

5. Run your action

Click on Run Action to start generating images. You can safely close the browser as the process is run in the background.

Once they are done, you can view the generated images in Airtable. Both PNG and JPEG are uploaded to Airtable.

Images are only generated for empty output column. If they already contain data, no images are generated for those particular rows.

Example process

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