Trigger - New Image

You can learn more about Zap here.

Now, let’s head over to Zapier.

  • Navigate to the Zaps page and create a new Zap.

  • You should see a screen like a screenshot below on the new page. Search and select Stencil from the available services.

  • Select the trigger that you want to use and click "Continue"

  • If this is your first time connecting to Stencil services, then you'll see a similar screen to the screenshot below. Click "Sign in" to begin the authentication process.

  • Enter the API Key you’ve obtained from the project's settings that you want this Zap to connect to into the text field and click on “Yes, Continue” to proceed.

  • Once connected, you may optionally test the integration if you have previously at least generated an image. That’s all for creating triggers and performing authentication.

  • You can then connect the trigger to any desired action, such as email or SMS, or create a row in a Google spreadsheet. Output information from the selected trigger is made available in the selected action. If you’ve selected the “New Image” trigger and “Email” action, you could, for example, attach the newly created image as an attachment to the email.

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