Setting Up Your First Client

Guide to getting started with white labeling Stencil

What is white labeling?

Stencil offers our business users to personalize Stencil's branding and limit image generation features to only you. Your clients can create projects and templates, and these templates are accessible from your account. This allows you to collaborate directly with your client in term of designing your campaign.

This feature is only available to users who subscribe to Business plan with white labeling feature.

Getting started

Creating your first client

If you are subscribed to the correct plan, you should be able to see Clients menu in the left sidebar. Click on it to access the Clients section.

Click on Add new client to create your first client. You will be redirected to a form to set up your client details.

Here you can upload a custom logo to personalize the branding. Name will also be used to customize the browser's title.

Right now, there are two languages supported - English and Brazilian Portuguese. This will be the default language when your client's user first log in into white labelled Stencil. They can change between languages in their user profile if they have other preference.

Next, for the domain, key in the domain from where the white labeled Stencil will be accessed. Your client will only have access to white labeled Stencil from this specified domain.

Learn how to set up the DNS for the domain you specified here - DNS Setup with Cloudflare

Testing your setup

Once you have created your first client and have set up the proper DNS settings to point your custom domain to Stencil's server, you can go to the specified domain.

You should be able to see login page to Stencil but with your client's logo.

Right now you can't login yet because you haven't add any user yet. Continue reading to the next section - Managing client's access.

Managing client's access

Access to white labeled Stencil can only be managed by you. You need to add new user to access the white labeled Stencil. To do that, click on Manage users.

You will redirected to a form to add a new user. Specify the email and default password for your new user.

Your client's users can change the default password by going to their profile page.

What can your client see?

When accessed through the custom domain (i.e. white labeled Stencil), your client can only see projects and templates. Other image generation functionalities and integrations are disabled and they won't be able to see them.

Your client can add new project and template. They can edit templates but not generate images from them.

How do I access their projects?

In order to access their projects and templates, simply go to Projects screen like you would normally do.

You will notice that you have an extra tab called Clients.

From here you can access your client's projects and their templates. You would generate images like you would normally do.

Image generation quota is taken from your account as your client's do not have the ability to generate image.

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