Action - Create Image

Right now, we'll assume that you are familiar with creating Zap, especially creating a trigger. If not, you may visit the Trigger - New Image page.

Create Image is the core functionality of Stencil. For this action to work, you must have already created a Project and a Template. Pay special attention to the available modifications (refer to the samples below).

Stencil's Create Image action allows you to provide template modification on the fly based on the outputs available in the previous components in your Zap's workflow, such as the triggers or search.

Create Image action is an asynchronous action, which means that the next component in the current Zap will run immediately, and the Stencil service does not yet create the image. You may either put a Wait block or create another Zap with a New Image trigger to fetch the completed image and the available URLs.



The template that you want to generate an image.


Show either the Required modifications only or together with Optional modifications.

In the example screenshot below, we have a New Incomplete Task trigger from the Todoist service, assigning (or binding) the Notes value to the Text 1 text's value. Hence, whenever there's a new incomplete task being created in your Todoist service, a new image is created by Stencil based on the information that you've specified in your Zap. Neat, right?

Once satisfied with the assignment, you can continue publishing your Zap.

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