On-demand image creation by secure URL parameters

Your image modifications are signed with your project's API token, thus your image can only be modified by you.

def create_signed_image do
  user_id = ""
  secret_key = ""
  base_id = ""
  modifications = 
      %{"name" => "text_1", "text" => "secure image"},
      %{"name" => "rating_2", "rating" => 5}
    |> Base.url_encoded64(padding: false)
  parameters = "#{user_id}+#{base_id}+#{modifications}"
  signature =
    :crypto.hmac(:sha256, secret_key, parameters)
    |> Base.encode16()
    |> String.downcase()

Changing image format on the fly

We support both JPEG and PNG. To use PNG, change the image in the url to .png and to use JPEG, change the image in the url to .jpg


Image is only generated once (synchronously on the first request) and subsequent images are pulled from cache. Images pulled from cache do not count towards your quota.

Order matters.

In order for cache to work properly, please specify the signature parameter last in the query string i.e. modifications=<your-modifications>&s=<your-signature>.

Cache invalidation

Sometimes it is useful to invalidate cache, you can add ts=<random number> to invalidate the cache and a new image will be generated (this will count towards your quota).

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