Generate Instagram Post from Shopify

Drive traffics to your Shopify store by generating creative images from your products


Part of digital marketing strategies is to convert traffics from your social media like Instagram to actual sales in e-commerce store like Shopify.

However, the process of creating product images for Instagram post can be tedious work and often time small businesses do not have enough resources to do this.

Stencil provides the service to generate those images without much effort and using no-code tools like Integromat, this process can be fully automated. Design once, post many times.


Design your template

For our template design, we will need few fields that we will replace using our API.

The image uses image frame component so we it can resize the image automatically to fit into the dimension we have set. The title and and the price will also be replaced with values coming in from our API. Same goes with the rating.

Automating the workflow with Integromat

You need Instagram for Business/Professional account in order to continue with this integration. This limitation is imposed by Instagram.

Here's the overview on the approach we will take to automate this.

  1. Use Shopify module to get products we are interested in.

  2. Generate those images with Stencil module

  3. Get the generated images.

  4. Post those images to our Instagram account.

We also provide a video walk through on the automation process.

In the video walk through we use a delay of 10 seconds. That is mostly to simplify the scenario. For production setup, you should use Instant Trigger to watch for generated image and to post it to Instagram as soon as the image is generated.


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