Anchoring Element

Anchor To feature in template editor

Dynamically Positioning an Element

Sometimes there is a time that you need text to be dynamically positioned next to certain element. For example, in our template below we want the price "$399" to be anchored next to "per pax" text.

Given that the price will change based on input from API, it is hard to position this statically without causing overlap especially if the price text can be very long.

Anchor To feature

To solve this problem, we added Anchor To field where you can select layer that can be set as the anchor.

This option can be found in Textbox's settings,

Offset is useful to fine tune the position to the pixel.

Currently this option is only available for Text but you can anchor it to any other elements. It will be available on other components soon.

Understanding Anchor Positioning

Anchor X - Horizontal Positioning

Anchor Y - Vertical Positioning

Testing Your Design

To make sure your design will work well with your expected inputs, you can try to generate several images through Console. Alternatively, you could also type in the text to ensure the positions are correct.

Pro tips

Anchored element position is fixed. If you are trying to anchor anything that is close to the edge, use the element nearest to the edge as the anchor. Otherwise, your text will be out of the canvas area.

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